Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yesterday was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick fil a. If you dress like a cow you get a meal free! I had Evan and Seth color sheets of white paper brown and black then while they were napping I cut out spots to tape to their clothes. For Kane I turned a stained white shirt inside out and used a sharpie to draw spots on it. Then just before we left I drew black and brown cow noses with my eyeliner. Evan, though he's never been taught this by either of his parents, believes makeup to be a girls only thing. He asked me if he was now a girl cow b/c he was wearing makeup! We had a lot of fun getting into our costumes and even more fun eating yummy food! On a side note, I had a grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomato to make it south beach friendly I took off the bun and of course Evan and Seth were more than happy to devour that for me.

Eat Mor Chikin!

Me and my little calves!

Last night was so nice and relaxing. Jed made a pot of Tim Hortons coffee and we watched a few episodes of Pawn Stars. Its crazy the stuff people own and what its all worth! Then we put the boys to bed and put on a movie. We watched Alice in Wonderland which was a lot better than I expected. After that we watched a couple episodes of Arrested Development. Why was that show cancelled? Its brilliant! We finally got to bed at 1am. Staying up that late was not the best idea! Today we got up and headed out to our local farmer's market. Sadly, not only was our favorite cheese tent not there, our van attempted to die on us! The battery is having issues so Jed is working on that. It amazes me that my husband can rip apart a car and put it back together again and it still works! AMAZES. ME.

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