Friday, July 30, 2010

3 Months Old

Ford Facts: He is finally giving big smiles. He's ticklish on his neck, his ribs and under his arms. He cant laugh yet but he does squeal. He doesnt like tummy time. He's sleeping through the night regularly. Our neighbors gave us a new bouncy seat that plays music and has lights, its his new favorite place to be! He took his first road trip recently and screamed most of the way there. The trip home was a different story, he chilled out and only cried when hungry or when he needed a diaper change! He had his first taste of ice cream and cried. He still hasnt had a drop of formula and has only been bottle fed once. He drools a ton for such a young baby! He sticks out his tongue a lot so Jed told Evan and Seth that he smells with his tongue like a snake. :)

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